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Dear Clients

Our Fairy Godmother is offering our new clients a HUGE savings this winter! We are including $1000.00 of savings in our Agency Fees that were previously Additional Donor Expenses!

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Agency Fee $5000


For our Canadian Clients: Due to the dramatic discrepancy in the exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar, we are pleased to offer our Agency Fee to our Canadian Clients PAR with the US Dollar. In addition, donor expenses/reimbursements are in Canadian dollars for our Canadian clients. 


Complimentary Consultations for Intended Parents with Cathy Ruberto President & CEO

Two – 2 hour – Complimentary Consultations via Skype, Google Hangout, Telephone and In Person  if possible are available during business hours Monday through Friday ( Evening appointments are available upon request)


Additional Donor Expenses That May Be Required Depending on Your Donors Geographical Location/Circumstances, Which Are Not Included in Our Agency Fee


These fees may be reduced if your clinic offers SHARED DONOR CYCLES (two Intended Parents at the same clinic who would share half of all of the donors expenses and half of the donated eggs) Please ask us if you would like more information about this program as we work with several clinics who offer this service

  • Escrow Agent Fund Management fee to maintains funds through the treatment and disburses the funds on behalf of the Intended Parents – $750 -SAVINGS – Now Included in  AGENCY FEE – was an Additional Fee in October Fee Schedule
  • Termination of Donor’s Parental Rights Agreement for Egg Donor Recipients – $500 **  $250 SAVINGS from $750 in October 2016 Fee Schedule
  • Termination of Donor’s Parental Rights Agreement for Egg Donor -$250 ** $250 SAVINGS from $500 in October 2016 Fee Schedule
  • Donor Compensation (or Donor Reimbursement of expenses in Canada– Donor reimbursement of expenses varies depending on each individual donor)
  • Mental Health Screening  – $375.00
  • Donor Accidental Health Insurance policy with AIG – $465.00
  • Mileage – Travel Expense for Donor Travel for Local Donors to Intended Parents Fertility Clinic if they live more than 3 hours round trip by car as calculated by Mapquest/Google Maps $0.50 per mile.
  • Hotel accommodations for donor and companion to attend the retrieval if required – approximately $175/night plus taxes
  • Meal allowance per day for screening and cycle monitoring trips  if required $50/trip when traveling alone
  • Meal allowance per day with companion to attend the retrieval if required $75
  • Childcare for underage school children per day for donor to attend screening, cycle monitoring and retrieval $50/trip to fertility clinic
  • Donor initial or repeat infectious disease Government mandated screening– These fees are billed to the recipient directly and are in accordance with federal laws. Our Fairy Godmother does not provide infectious disease screening. This is the responsibility of the Intended Parents fertility specialist to provide doctors orders for the donor to undergo FDA lab testing.
  • Donor air travel for screening– Some clinics require a donor they have not yet cycled in the past to attend a screening appointment(s) so they can personally airfare, hotel accommodations, meal allowance and transportation to and from the clinic and hotel/airport for the donor for the egg retrieval. Satellite clinic visits for blood work and ultrasound.
  • Cycle Monitoring at a satellite clinic – includes blood tests, ultrasounds, and related clinical costs for the donor to be monitored at a clinic near her home prior to travel – approx $350 – $500 per visit
  • Airfare and hotel accommodations (including all applicable taxes and local calls) for the donor and her companion – varies based on travel destination
  • Transportation to and from the clinic and hotel/airport for egg retrieval for out of town donor travel– approx $150
  • Last minute airline change fees for additional days required for hotel, meals and childcare if the Donor is required to stay more than originally billed days
  • MMPI Psychiatric Testing– All of our donors undergo psychological testing which is included in the flat fees listed above. However, if you require an MMPI –approx $1,150.00 – this is over and above the psychological testing/screening we already perform.
  • Criminal Background Check– If requested, we will perform a Criminal Background Check on your donor and provide you with a report (excluding her identifying information). The fee is $250.00
  • IQ Testing- If requested, we will perform an IQ test on your donor and provide you with a report (excluding her identifying information). The fee is $350.00
  • Passport fees- If the donor is required to obtain or renew a passport for herself, her companion, or her child to travel for screening or retrieval – varies by state/country and urgency

Special Services

  • Coordination services of any pre-screening your donor may require prior to matching – Should you require your donor to have any pre-screening research/testing coordinated prior to matching; you will be billed for the tests required and also for the billable hours of OFG staff to perform the work should it require more than 4 hours of work.
  • Foreign/VIP clients Our Fairy Godmother, LLC offers Concierge VIP services for our Foreign/VIP Clients for for those who require only our President & CEO as the ONLY point of contact to maintain 100% client anonymity. Our President & CEO provides personalized care, supervision and will personally chaperone your donor to her retrieval for up to 5 days to ensure all needs and requirements are met for the cycle from start to finish. This service is for those who require one on one 24/7 services and/or have unique circumstances.  The fee for this service is an additional $3500 to our Agency Fee.
  • Other expensessuch as fertility medications, physician’s fees and treatment fees for the donor and recipient IVF treatment are not included in our fees as they will be invoiced to the recipients directly by their fertility clinic your physician.
  • Intended Parent Travelor travel related expenses the recipients may require.
  • Intended Parent medical treatment, tests or medications the Intended Parents may require.
  • Many of our recipient families have elected to send their donor a special thank you gift. Often a gift of flowers or a special card is a nice way to say Thank You! Our staff will be happy to assist you in coordinating this thoughtful gesture at your request. You just let us know what you would like us to do; we’ll bill you for it and send the gift to the donor.

Payment Schedule

Fees are paid to the agency in two installments. The Agency Fee of $5000, which is due upon signing our Client Fee Agreement to retain our agency and secure your chosen donor. The Additional Donor Expenses  will be wired directly to the Escrow account upon the donor completing her medical and psychological screening and receiving clearance to proceed from the Intended Parents fertility specialist. These fees include any and all outstanding balanced. These funds are due at least seven business days prior to the donor commencing her first injectable medication. Fees for Additional Expenses that may be incurred must be paid in full prior to the expense being incurred.

Our Guarantee

If OUR FAIRY GODMOTHER, LLC., is unable to cycle the chosen donor within 6 months to completion of egg retrieval or with a medically suitable alternate Donor meeting client’s general physical description, as defined in writing by client as per the Client’s completed profile, then client shall be credited all unused escrow funds. Client is responsible for all expenses incurred within the Escrow Account. Agency Fee  is non-refundable

*You are required to pay any legal fees over and above those listed in the Fee Options, should your individual circumstance require independent consultation with an attorney for you and/or your donor.

**Typical Legal Fees the Intended Parents can expect for the drafting attorney and for the donor’s attorney to review and execute the Direct Egg Donor Agreement for both lawyers is approximately $3000.  All Intended Parents and Egg Donors need to do is have the documents notarized and returned to Our Fairy Godmother to have executed. Our Termination of Parental Rights is a savings of approximately $1500 to Intended Parents.